All our service engineers are fully trained and certified on the products we offer, supply and support. GPE LLC is a leading independent supplier of Material Handling Equipment in Dubai engaged in various materials handling equipment such as column skips, twin flow skips, bottom discharge skips, self discharging boat skips, block grab and many other vital equipment. For the past few decades, the company has upheld its reputation and makes sure that the company’s customers are satisfied. GPE LLC is proficient in manufacturing professional Tile Cutting Machine which is ideal for cutting tiles, wall floor with a maximum cutting length up to 2 meter and cutting head adjustable up to 45 degree. GPE LLC is one of the prominent Construction Equipment Companies in Dubai and features many services such as cutting, grinders, lightening, material handling etc. Our teams are fully aware of the most effective and efficient operation of the equipment ensuring minimal downtime and long-term value on the equipment purchase. We believe in quality service and best part of ours is we provide service all year round, at any time, at any day.