Construction Equipment & Machinery Suppliers In Dubai UAE

Established in Dubai, UAE in 2006 as a general trading company within the Machinery and Equipment sector, GPE Industrial Plant Equipment and Spare Parts Trading LLC has grown successfully over the years developing its product range and operations within the UAE. Today GPE LLC represents many international brands within its two main divisions, Machinery and Equipment + Compressed Air and Gas and offer a high level of sales and service to its customer base across the UAE and other parts of the GCC.

GPE Industrial Plant Accessories and Spare Parts Trading LLC have developed tremendously over the years developing its product range and operations within the UAE. With over 50 years of local and regional experience, GPE LLC is well positioned to support your equipment needs and more importantly support them in the field whilst in operation. Our organization is involved in the material handling, maintenance, and repair and supplying an extensive range of construction equipment, compressors-Air & Gas which can be customized as per the requirements of the clients. The repairs are carried out in a cost-effective manner and within the timeframe. GPE LLC is a leading Air Compressor Suppliers in UAE and stocks a full range of genuine spare parts and can also source competitor parts to complete 3rd party repairs. Our foray into construction equipment comes with years of experience and engaged in various construction equipment such as bar bending and cutting, grinders, coring, mixers, scrabblers and many others. Our company provides a wide range of construction equipment that is very reliable and in use throughout the Emirates designed for the toughest environments with outstanding performance to price ratio.


Stationary Rotary Screw Range
Portable Diesel Rotary Screw
Reciprocating Compressors
Centrifugal Air and Gas Compressors
Air Treatment Solutions
After Sales & Service

GPE LLC understands the need to not only supply a superior product but a superior set of services as well. With the goal of a successful turnkey solution with every opportunity and the experience of multiple installations around the region we aim to make GPE LLC your preferred partner for the following services whether with our range or a competitors range.

Bar Bending & Cutting
Material Handling
Surface Preparation
Air Compressors